Psychosocial Safety Summit – 16-17 October

EmploySafe Legal is proud to support Neon Shed’s Psychosocial Safety Summit on 16-17 October in Brisbane, Queensland. 


The Summit will focus on all aspects of psychosocial hazards, health and safety including: 


  • What are psychosocial hazards? How do you prevent them?
  • Where does psychosocial safety sit?
  • How can you manage it?
  • What are the root causes?


Australian and New Zealand experts will share their knowledge, research and provide practical solutions and tools to help participants and their organisations navigate psychosocial safety. Attendees will be able to take away practical tools and know how to reduce conflict, complaints and workers compensation claims. Network and connect with WHS and HR professionals dedicated to improving the psychosocial health of their teams and organisations.


For information on the speakers and to purchase tickets, please visit the website – 

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